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The proverb -“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; show him how to catch fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” - has been around for a very long time and the world is changing.

Today if you can: - "Help a man to set up a business and you - feed him and his family, he can educate his children, buy medicines and live a better life." When he is successful, he will employ staff, who will also become self-sufficient. The right skills and knowledge, can change the lives of many.

Each of us has a unique and valuable set of; skills, expertise, knowledge and experience, if only we could apply these to those most in need, we could change lives forever.

WE2 was set up to help make this connection. We connect those with professional experience or academic expertise – with charities to build new style projects and programs that impact lives. Exchanging professional experience for the life experience of a project in Africa.

WEE - Exchanging Experiences across the World

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Experience ....

for Charities

We can bring the skills and experience that will increase your impact and reach - improving the lives in your community.

Help you to undertake new programs, by providing specialist research, skills and mentoring that compliment your own knowledge and expertise. See more



for Universities & Colleges

We bring real world development projects, aligned to your learning outcomes, enhancing your students learning, skills, and experience.  Including :- Social entrepreneur projects for business students. In the field practical experience for international development studies.  And inspiring projects for many other faculties. See more

for Individuals & Professionals

Leverage your skills, talents and expertise to help projects in the developing world.  Bring your experience to projects in Africa and gain a rewarding life experience in exchange.  Your wisdom is much more valuable than any donation to a charity. Give your knowledge and get so much more in return. See more


for Companies

Enhance the lives and the business skills of your employees. Applying their workplace skills in a challenging, unpredictable and diverse project in Africa. Leverage the knowledge and talent in your organisation to create a real difference in a very rewarding way. See more



Our mission is - "To bring together those with skills, talent and expertise 

with those who can apply them to the best use."  

WE2 is a not for profit, Social Enterprise. We are based in the UK and currently deliver projects in Uganda.  We hope to expand our reach to other countries over time. 

If you can help OR if we can help you, please get in touch

Together WE2 can make a difference.

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