What we do

We help charities build novel projects. And staff and resource these projects with, students, volunteer professionals and corporate teams.

Our story

WE2 is a Social Enterprise formed by two MBA students following their experiences on a Social Entrepreneurship MBA module in Uganda.


We realised that there was an opportunity to bring a wide range of professional skills and expertise for the benefit of charities and NGOs in a new and more meaningful way – exchanging the professionals' experience for the life and practical experience of Africa.


WE2 initiated a partnership between Westminster Business School and Busoga Trust to provide experienced MBA students who apply their commercial experience and academic learning to the charity’s development projects. 

This has proved very beneficial and productive to both organisations – and we realised that this approach would be of great value to many other organisations and individuals.

So, we established our social enterprise WE2 to expand the benefits of this model to other NGOs, charities, social enterprises, academic institutions and individuals.


During a subsequent visit to Uganda, we identified a wealth of project opportunities which could make a significant difference to people’s lives. 

We are keen to identify further academic organisations and experienced individuals to bring their knowledge and talents to the greatest effect in the developing world, in exchange for a new breadth of life & practical experience.

 WEE - Exchanging Experiences across the World

"we-squared" the power of you and them, to benefit both

Our Vision

  • Positively impact the work of local development organizations through leveraging professional skills and experience.
  • Improve lives and livelihoods across the world by exchanging professional experience for life experience.
  • Helping people help themselves, through insight, mentoring, coaching and support.

Our Mission

To bring together those with skills, talent and expertise to those who can apply them to the best use. 

To organize and facilitate the exchange of a new breadth of skills, talents and experience for the benefit of development organizations.

Our Objectives

  • Build mutually beneficial partnerships and alliances between (and inter-between) charities, NGOs, academic institutions and individuals.
  • Deliver projects with a social impact.
  • Deliver the ideal professional skills to complement the work of the development organizations.
  • Help charities understand the opportunities that professional skills can bring to their organization and their recipients.
  • Provide an opportunity for professionals to apply their skills in a development environment.
  • To promote an enhanced model of giving skills and expertise, rather than funds

Our Business Model

WE2 is a non-profit Social Enterprise. As such, its income comes from trading rather than grants and donations. As a social enterprise, its primary focus is to improve social welfare and to reinvest any surplus into the social projects.


We provide free consultancy services to development organizations and charities to help them identify new areas and projects, which could benefit from the professional skills from our volunteers and students. Income is earned through our projects, solely to cover our costs and expenses.

Please support our partners


A short video from our freinds at Busoga Trust, showing why all this stuff is important and how you would make a difference.

Our Founders


Alliances & Partnerships Manager

E-mail: peter@we-2.org  

  • FRSA, MBA (Business Administration) – Merit
  • 10 years identifying, recruiting and developing strategic corporate partnerships.
  • 38 years working in management, technical, sales and marketing roles
  • HND, Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  • Diploma in Professional Consulting


E-mail: dimsoy@we-2.org


  • MBA, Business Administration – Merit
  • 5 Years experience in development projects - Tobago
  • MA, International Development and Social Change
  • BSc Biology
  • Advanced Accounting Diploma
  • Project Management Certificate
  • Diploma in Professional Consulting


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Peter Clarke 
Alliances & Partnerships Manager

E-mail: info@we-2.org

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