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Change in business is constant and accelerating.  New Opportunities need new approaches and new approaches need new perspectives. 

But faced with the day-to-day routine, how do we acquire these new approaches and perspectives?  We need “intra-preneurs” that think outside the box. 

“Intra-preneurs” need to learn and experience entrepreneurial skills but these can be hard to find within the confines of a well-established organisation.

And the best way to learn to think outside your own box, is to experience the world from a radically different box – in a totally different environment.


WE2 builds social enterprise projects that bring the experience of the whole gamut of entrepreneur skills – strategy, marketing, sales, operations and finance – in the microcosm of a small project for a charity in the developing world – a radically different “box”!


And coincidentally what the developing world needs to develop, is business and commercial expertise and experience. Therefore, we have the exchange of business expertise for the life and practical experience of a project in Africa. The mission of WE2 is to bring these opportunities together to make a difference.


  • Develop the new competencies needed to capitalise on the opportunities of an ever-changing business landscape
  • Experience all the elements that comprise a successful business, in the microcosm of a small enterprise
  • An ideal capstone project for your graduate intake program
  • Unlike a “Business Game” this is a real world situation that delivers real value and social impact

  • Team building – that is more business oriented than just “building a raft”

  • Adding to your CSR and PR by making a real impact on people lives
  • A customised package to address your training and business needs

  • A complete program devised, managed and implemented

Our Projects

Past, present and some ideas for future projects here -

An example challenge

Situation Overview

Young people in Uganda leave secondary school with good academic results. However, in a primarily rural community they do not have the vocational skills to become economically self-sufficient.

The charity would like to establish a vocational training centre to give students the life, technical and business skills to build their own businesses and so become self-sufficient. This facility needs to be commercially self-sustaining as income from donations is not predictable over the long term.



A feasibility study and budgetary model, making recommendations to the charity on the best approach.


Key considerations

  • What vocational skills are the most marketable in the specific region?
  • How can the centre become self-sustaining?
  • Resource requirements, finance, facilities, staff
  • Social impact and Government legislation
  • Collaboration with complementary organisations
  • Monitoring, evaluation and business reporting
  • Ongoing review processes to ensure market alignment 


Over a period of three months, the team spend a few hours a week

  • Understanding the situation
  • Liaising with the charity
  • Researching similar projects across the world - their success, issues and critical success factors
  • Consulting with appropriate experts within their own organisation
  • Planning and scheduling their time for the field trip

 A two week field trip to the charity in Uganda

  • Initial in-country orientation
  • Review their findings to-date with the charity
  • Understand the practicalities and limitations of operating in a developing country
  • Interview and consult with local stake holders – community, partners, potential students, schools & universities, local government, companies, customers, etc
  • Evaluate similar schemes in the region
  • Present initial findings to the charity

  A two week period back in the UK

  • Finalise the formal report for the charity


The package includes

  • UK based, briefing sessions, program management, advice and guidance
  • Group Flights
  • Budget Hotel B&B accommodation
  • In country transport
  • Local project manager and liaison

Personal expenditure – visas and vaccinations. Optional - safari and activities 

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