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Practical experiences aligned to your learning outcomes – that make a difference to the world

Applying academic study and research in practice, brings it to life and cements understanding. Practical experience is of great value to the student. But what if it brought great value to others too?  


WE2 builds projects and field trips for universities, based around delivering new expertise and insight to charities in the developing world. These projects give students the opportunity to test and apply their academic learning and research into practical and novel situations. In return, the charity receives the insight and expertise that allows it to expand its impact and reach into new areas.  

These projects bring practical and life experience to the students, in exchange, for the insight and expertise that the charities need develop and thrive. They are extremely rewarding to both.


The model can be applied to every faculty, discipline and level – Business, IT, Art & Design, Science & Technology, Social Sciences, etc. In a variety of forms including - course electives, consultancy projects, dissertations, internships and volunteering – either remotely and/or briefly in Uganda


WE2 can bring the benefit of the practical application of study and research, to make a difference in the developing world.



  • Enhances CSR, public image, academic image and attracts future students
  • Projects are tailored to academic needs, learning outcomes and timetable
  • Real world practical experience to complement the student's studies. A microcosm for enterprise & strategy
  • Projects could provide a platform for dissertations and theses
  • A strong asset for the students cv and a great discussion point for their job interviews
  • Minimal academic resources and administration
  • Minimum cost – WE2 is a non-profit Social Enterprise
  • A complete program devised, managed and implemented
  • Proven, reliable and repeatable
  • Continuity and ongoing development between projects
  • Easily expanded across to other faculties – with your department seen as the pathfinder


 “Our partnership with Busoga Trust has become a great asset to the MBA course, giving the students the opportunity to apply their studies and experience to help resolve real world challenges in a development project”    Simon Healeas – MBA Deputy Programme Director - Westminster Business School

Our Projects

Past, present and some ideas for future projects here -

An example project

(From an MBA elective)

Situation Overview

Young  people in Uganda leave secondary school with good academic results. However, in  a primarily rural community they do not have the vocational skills to become economically self-sufficient.

The charity would like to establish a vocational  training centre to give students the life, technical and business skills to build their own businesses and so become self-sufficient. This facility needs to be commercially self-sustaining as income from donations is not predictable over the long term.



A feasibility study and budgetary model, making recommendations to the charity on  the best approach.


Key considerations

  • What vocational skills are the most marketable in the specific region?
  • How can the centre become self-sustaining?
  • Resource requirements, finance, facilities, staff
  • Social impact and Government legislation
  • Collaboration with complementary organisations
  • Monitoring, evaluation and business reporting
  • Ongoing review processes to ensure market alignment

Timeline and assessments

At the start of the semester students are briefed on the project

  • Dialogue established with the Charity in the field
  • Groups of students are assigned specific elements of the project – finance, social impact, marketing
  • First group assignment 3000 words submitted prior to departure
    • Academic literature review
    • Research into similar projects elsewhere in the world, critical success factors etc
    • Apply appropriate academic models eg. PESTEL, 5 forces, 4Ps
    • Planning and scheduling their time for the field trip

 A two week field trip to the charity in Uganda

  • Initial in-country orientation
  • Review their findings to-date with the charity
  • Understand the practicalities and limitations of operating in a developing country
  • Interview and consult with local stakeholders – community, partners, potential students, schools & universities, local government, companies, customers, etc
  • Evaluate similar schemes in the region
  • Present initial findings to the charity

 Second group assignment - UK

  • The formal management report for the charity, with background content for academic assessors

 Third assignment

  • A reflective – 1000 words


The package includes

  • UK based, briefing sessions, program management, advice and guidance
  • Group flights
  • Budget Hotel B&B accommodation
  • In country transport
  • Local project manager and liaison

Personal expenditure – visas and vaccinations. Optional safari and activities

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